Magic Garden

Title………Magic Garden
Size……….36″ x 48″
This is a NEW item I am really excited to offer! Usually stretched paintings of this size are very hard to sell online because the huge cost to ship it (several hundred dollars), and the possibility of it getting damaged in transit was huge, due to the size.

The canvas I used for this is BRAND NEW DESIGN, allowing it to be rolled and safely shipped to you, and can be reassembled and ready to hang in under 5 minutes! You don’t need any tools at all, just your hands! Simple fit and snap joints make it super easy! And the canvas will be tight with no warping or sagging!

These canvases are really easy to assemble, truly they were designed to be able to be re-assembled by the buyer. When you get it in the mail and unroll it, you will see that the canvas is stapled to the 2 longest sides, so you don’t even have to mess with that part. The 2 short sides are hinged and the corners are notched to just fit together, like a puzzle. the canvas on those 2 short sides has velcro sewn to them, and the other part of the velcro is attached to the wood stretcher bar, so you just pop the bar in the notches, and pull the canvas up and around it, press the velcro together, and it’s done! There is also a cross brace that fits into the back really easily for added support. It also comes with a nice heavy-duty hanging wire to put in at the end.

Here is a video to show you how to do it: